Nancy asks…

How long will it take to get my Music Beta invitation?

Ok, so I just saw the video for the new Music Beta by Google. I requested an invitation, but I’m still really excited and I don’t want to wait.
If you have any idea how these invitations work, please tell me. How do they decide if I get an invite or not? Why do I need an invite? How long will it take for me to get my invite? How will I recieve my invite?
Thanks alot.

Don Caron answers:

It is only available in the US and they give priority to people who have attended the i/o conference or have Xoom tablets. I am not sure if they have other criteria to select participants.
They will send you an email to notify you of your invite.
I don’t know how long it will take for the invites to be passe out, it took a few weeks until people knew if they were selected to receive a cr-48.

See this page for what it will look like when you get it:

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