George asks…

How to download videos from Yahoo Music BETA?

Don Caron answers:

If you use Firefox as your browser (which quite frankly everyone should – it’s super!) there are several plugins that allow you to download video from almost anywhere from right within your browser.


William asks…

Why is Yahoo Music Beta so crap?

Ever since Yahoo Music swapped to beta ive had problems with it. I click on a video i want to see and it doesnt play…or if its a live set, u get the intro and not the song…or you get the preceding advert and not the song. Why cant they bring back the old player?

Don Caron answers:

Why don’t you use YouTube?

Richard asks…

What exactly does listening to Alpha/Beta/ etc waves music do for you?

I see many videos on YouTube that somehow it helps for Concentration, relaxation, etc.

Is this true?

Don Caron answers:

The frequency of such music puts your brainwaves in a certain rhythm.

This is some information about the four types of brainwaves:
Subconsiously, if we’re listening to something that has a certain rhythm, like this music, our brainwaves tend to follow its rhythm.

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