The Motosonus Method and Ballet Class Music


question mark about ballet class musicI have been receiving a lot of questions lately in my emails about the Motosonus Method and how it relates to Ballet Class Music. Apparently there’s a website out that talks about it and it has stimulated some curiosity.

I created the Motosonus Method for Ballet Class Music after many many years of playing for ballet classes and discovering over time that the playing styles and methods really did affect the response of the student dancers. This discovery lead me to conduct a series of blind studies at Eastern Washington University where I was working at the time as a ballet pianist and choreographer with Elizabeth Carlssohn.

Simply described, the Motosonus Method for Ballet Class Music uses specifically designed phrasing, beat width, tempo displacement and beat placement to enhance the aural effect of each individual ballet exercise and inspire the dancers toward executing the moves correctly through the power of the music. I found it to be startling in its effectiveness and began to employ it in my recordings.

I have recently rerecorded and remastered the The First Class Albums – Ballet Class Music – to further enhance the use of this technique. When you review my albums be sure to look for the ones that say “revised” on the cover.

You can find examples of my ballet class music to listen to at CDBaby.

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