The Big Question about Ballet Class Music

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Don Caron's Ballet Class MusicThe most common question I have to answer when I do workshops or even just in discussing music with ballet teachers is this one:  “What makes great ballet class music?”

I’ve spent a great deal of time, energy and money over the last thirty years looking for a simple answer to that question.

Here’s what I’ve concluded. Great ballet class music is a combination of great writing and great performing. None of us hit it all the time. Sometimes the composing side is there but the performance is not and sometimes the performance nails it but the composition isn’t carrying its weight. When both of those elements are working, magic happens.

That’s why I always encourage teachers to search for original music that is written by the pianist who recorded it. It’s not that there aren’t great works from the classics that are performed brilliantly for ballet class exercises.  It just that there’s a lot to wade through to find them. I think you all know that when you find a composer / pianist that writes and plays music that works for you personally, that’s where the magic starts to happen. Always wishing you the best in your teaching, Don

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