Don Caron, composer and pianist of

The First Class Albums – Ballet Class Music

Don Caron is most widely recognized for his choral/orchestral score for the feature film The Basket and for his original Ballet Class Music, written and produced from 1985 through 1994 known as The First Class Albums, Ballet Class Music.

Each of the four albums contains a full ballet class, barre and center and is title by color: White Volume, Red Volume, Yellow Volume, and Blue Volume.

In 2011 Caron re-released all four albums of Ballet Class Music, remastered for compact disc. The four updated albums of Ballet Class Music are The White Volume Revised, The Red Volume Revised, The Yellow Volume Revised, and The Blue Volume Revised.

Don Caron’s other albums include Four Ambiguous Options, an album of chamber music recorded and released in 2003, The Legendary Davenport Hotel which is a soundtrack album for the documentary by the same name created in 2002, and Victor, The Musical, a two CD set of a full length sung-through musical based on the book Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley. Victor, The Musical was released in 2004 and was a collaborative effort with lyricist Kimberly Hinton.

Caron also has a major work for string orchestra, Serenade Adage, commissioned by Paul Sandifur, which is featured on the CD album Celebrating Six Years at the Met, an album which he produced in 1997 which features works by a variety of Washington State Composers.

Don Caron has been active in the arts for over 30 years as a pianist, teacher, composer, pianist, choreographer, author, screenwriter and sound designer/ sound engineer.

In 2008 Caron’s screenplay “The Pull” received a Platinum Remington at the WorldFest Houston International Film Festival. He co-wrote the screenplay Different Drummers, with Lyle Hatcher, which won Best Screenplay at the San Fernando International Film Festival in 2007 and Best Family Screenplay and the Grand Remington Award for Best Screenplay in all Categories at World-Fest Houston also in 2007. In 2009, he adapted the screenplay into a novel by the same name, Different Drummers. It is available at bookstores.

During the 1970’s he founded and directed Composers’ Conspiracy, a concert organization devoted to the presentation of music by Northwest composers. He also co-founded and co-directed Art Growers Association, a Washington non-profit corporation devoted to promoting original applications of music and dance in concert and educational settings. The Association distributed jazz and ballet instructional videos with music by Caron, and choreography by Jeffrey Amsden and Elizabeth Carlssohn. In the 1980s Caron collaborated with Elizabeth Carlssohn on the composition and choreography of two full-length ballets for The Spokane Ballet Company (Centerpiece, and Five Gifts for Third Child), which premiered in the Spokane Opera House in 1987. He also co-composed the lengthy electronic score for Lady MacBeth, a Christopher Aponte ballet, and has composed several works for Theatre Ballet of Spokane.

In 2002 Caron received the Composer of the Year Award for his Piano Concerto, from the Washington State Music Teachers National Association.

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