Ballet Class Music

We Get It!

Here at CDBaby we understand how frustrating and tedious looking for just the right ballet class music can be. You probably find yourself wading through volumes of possibilities looking for those few magical, musical jewels.

We’re completely confident that once you listen to Don Caron’s music and use it in your ballet classes or in your personal ballet practice, you will want buy his entire series, The First Class Albums.

Who is Don Caron?

Don Caron an accomplished and sought-after ballet pianist, but he’s also . .

Award for Ballet Class MusicDon Caron Music for Ballet Classan award winning composer . . . 1999 Crystal Heart Award – Heartland Film Festival 2002 Composer of the Year –Music Teachers National Ass. 2007 Grand Remington Award – WorldFest Houston

a choreographer . . . Three full length contemporary ballets premiered by Spokane Ballet


and a dance teacher . . . Former ballroom dance instructor at Simply Dance Studios

As far as we know, Caron’s combination of skills are unique among ballet class music composers and pianists. If you’d like, you can download three complete selections of that music right now.

A Groundbreaking System

Back in the mid 1980’s Don Caron was working with choreographer /teacher/composer, Elizabeth Carlssohn, at Eastern Washington University (EWU). The two of them were responsible for teaching the ballet classes at the university (Elizabeth taught, Don accompanied on the piano). Their inquisitive natures led them to experiment with beat placement, phrasing and other musical nuances to see if it made a difference in how well the students performed the various ballet class exercises. The results of their experiments with Ballet Class-Music were truly astonishing and nothing short of groundbreaking!

The Creation of The First Class Albums – ballet class music

From what they learned, they developed a method of creating music for ballet class which is now known as The Motosonus Method™. They applied this method to the creation of music and training videos for ballet teachers. The ultimate result was The First Class Albums – Music for Ballet Class, and The First Class Videos – Ballet instructional DVDs.

Ballet Class Music Yellow VolumeBallet Class Music Red VolumeMusic for Ballet Class White VolumeBallet Class Music Blue Volume